Saints Row Developer Moved To Work Under Gearbox Entertainment

The Saints Row developer has been moved internally to a new publisher.

Embracer group announced earlier today that Volition will be moving operative groups from Plaion (Koch Media) to Gearbox Entertainment. Along with the statement Embracers CEO stated that the newly rebooted game left the player base “polarized” and “did not meet player expectations.”

However he did go on to state the game met the financial expectations, and exceeded in some ways. He also noted Volitions hard work on updating the user experience, along with praising the newly released patch which targeted many of the trouble areas. The patch released today includes fixes to gameplay elements, and a major refresh to co-op to fix many of the game breaking bugs.

The move is stated to be due to the fact Gearbox has a stronger and experienced management team in the US which will help guide Volition to bigger success. The CEO also noted this is the first internal transfer of studios, but is “certainly not the last.”

In our review we really enjoyed the game, but also got lucky to not experience many of the bugs reported by other players.

Source : VGC

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