Saints Row Developers Reveal New Game

IGN revealed the game for a month long coverage, and it is the new creation by the Saints Row developer. The game is the first game since Saints Row 4 and the spin off title that the studio has talked about. This is also one of the first full releases by the studio under Deep Silver publishing. Let’s hope that Deep Silver track record changes thanks to Volitiion.

The game appears to be similar to their past titles with a modern open world approach, and a return to the “not so serious” purely fun that we love. The game has a cartoonish nature with three vastly different characters.

According to specific details the game is single player only. Whew, I was afraid it was another “MOBA” with it’s style, but it isn’t! Thankfully. The game will also have several ties to the Saints Row universe, and some hints were gathered in the trailer.

Other specific details and more footage is expected to be released throughout the month. We assume a lot of it will hit come E3 next week. So be sure to stick around Cinelinx for live E3 coverage!