Satisfactory Spilling Over Onto Steam, Getting Major Update

Coffee Stain Studios announced the first person factory building simulator Satisfactory is getting its third major update today and will be entering early access on Steam sometime soon.

In the largest update to date (and the last one was TRAINS), Coffee Stain Studios is introducing Hyptertubes and an entirely new pipe system, releasing a redesign of the Dune Desert biome, crouch and slide mechanics as well as a new Resource Sink, ensuring production never stops by eating excess inventory in exchange for coupons to spend on your factory.

“The highly anticipated introduction of pipes to Satisfactory adds a completely new layer of  complexity for budding factory architects with the addition of fluids. Pioneers can now command the flow of Fluid Oil resources and harness the power of the Water Extractor whilst tinkering with Pipes & Flow Indicators, Pipe Pumps, Fluid Tanks for Trains and command their very own Oil Refinery. The introduction of the Resource Sink means production never halts as it consumes excess inventory, and gives coupons in return to be spent on your factory on exciting new constructs such as glass walls and floors.”

You can view a full set of patch notes here. 

Satisfactory launched in Early Access on March 19, 2019, as an Epic Store exclusive. A date for the Steam launch into Early Access has not been set.

“Pipes are, unfortunately, the star of this show. I have been meme-tormenting our community for over 1.5 years while doing everything I can to stave off the inclusion of pipes.” Jace Varlet, Community Manager at Coffee Stain Studios, said in a press release. “I resorted to blackmail, conspiracy, and anonymous threats within the company but alas, pipes managed to claw its way into an otherwise perfect video game. All I wanted was to be happy. Community 1 – Jace 0.”