Secretlab Celebrates Batman Day With Swanky New Desk

If you’re looking to fill out your personal Batcave on Batman Day, Secretlab has revealed a new Dark Knight Edition of their MAGNUS desk.

If Secretlab’s Batman chair just isn’t enough for you, Secretlab has a new partnership with DC they’re unveiling for this year’s Batman Day. They’ve brought the same, sleek, Dark Knight aesthetic to their new MAGNUS Metal Desk. This version will include a Dark Knight Edition MAGPAD Desk Mat to change the entire look of your desk, and matching cable management accessories.

This is ridiculously cool looking. If it wouldn’t so starkly contrast with my Star Wars office, I’d be all over this. For one, it’s just a cool looking desk and I love the cable management system built into it. Add on the Batman accents and this is definitely something fans will go nuts over.

You can head over to Secretlab’s specific Batman section of their site to learn more, and purchase your own Batman desk for your office/Batcave!

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