Sega Takes Alien Back to its Horror Roots in Alien: Isolation

Pretty much all of the Alien games have taken to the shooting genre and had players be badass marines mowing down hordes of aliens in various locations.  The newest game, just revealed by Sega and Creative Assembly, seeks to do something entirely different and take the franchise back to it’s original horror story roots.  

While the later films took a more action centered approach, the original Alien film was a horror movie that saw an unknown entity track down and kill off the crew of a spaceship one by one.  It was a scary movie and took the idea of being alone in space to a new level.  The games mostly took after the later films, but Alien: Isolation looks more like a survival horror game in the same style of Amneisa.  The game puts players in the role of Amanda Ripley (Ellen’s daughter) who’s being stalked around Sevastopol Station by a very scary looking xenomorph.  

The trailer definitely shows off the game’s creepy factor and nary a gun is to be found.  There’s a lot here that looks as though it’ll genuinely scare the pants off of you (especially for a horror weenie like me).  The game has been in development for the last 3 years, and while the bitter taste of Colonial Marines is still in everyone’s mouths, I find myself cautiously optimistic for this title.  

What do you guys think of it?  Alien: Isolation is slated for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC sometime in late 2014.