Shenmue 3 To Be Kickstarter Funded

French journalist Sebastien-Abdelhamid posted on Twitter yesterday stating Shenmue designer, Yu Suzuki, will consider “Kickstarter-like” funding in order to afford development of the long (understatement of the century) awaited Shenmue 3.

Abdelhamid said: “Yu Suzuki declare penser au Crownfunding [sic] type Kickstarter pour financer Shenmue 3 ! #MAGS”, which translates to read: “Yu Suzuki declares to be thinking about a Kickstarter-like model to fund Shenmue 3 !”

The Frenchman also claimed Suzuki is interested in resuming the Shenmue story in manga or anime form and stated: “Yu Suzuki aimerait egalement poursuivre l’histoire de Shenmue en Anime ou en Manga. #MAGS”, which reads: “Yu Suzuki would also like to continue the story of Shenmue in anime or manga form.”

When I first became aware of Kickstarter campaigns last year, I instantly thought of Shenmue. This was probably a combination of the cult following Shenmue carries, the cliffhanger the second instalment finished on, and the fact that Sega scunnered itself financially over the development of the series, arguably never recovering; it’s the quintessential Kickstarter story.

Only rumours thus far, but fingers crossed this one is true. More on this as we get it. 

Thanks to: All Games Beta