Shenmue III Trailer Shows Beautiful World We Can’t Wait to Explore Again

Deep Silver and Ys Net have released the latest trailer for Shenmue III titled “A Day in Shenmue”. This trailer showcases the overall visual power of the game, fighting mechanics, and the amazing world that is Shenmue III. It is almost hard to believe how good the game looks, just in this latest trailer the world seems so much more alive and we can’t help but be excited.

I always admired this series for stepping outside the box and for being very innovative when it first released but I will say, I have never been a huge fan of the Shenmue series. Not saying the game is bad, I was just always focused more on the Virtua Fighter series, which was my bread and butter.

Now, after seeing how far the game has come I do see myself playing this title once it launches. This sprawling RPG world is going to look amazing and I can’t wait to dive back in after all these years. Shenmue III is finally set to release this November 19th, 2019 on PlayStation®4 and PC. Below, you can check out the trailer and all the preorder bonuses/exclusive retailer preorder bonuses.


  • Snake Power: Three bottles of ‘Snake Power’ elixir to replenish energy during battle
  • Playing Tokens: 5,000 playing tokens for the in-game gambling area
  • “Blazing Kick” Advanced Training Scroll: Unlocks the advanced ability of the “Blazing Kick” to better challenge Ryo’s foes
  • Toy Capsule: Set of 24 tickets to exchange for in-game capsule toys

In addition to the items listed above, Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop and EB Games will each offer bonus pre-order items for Shenmue III. Full details are below:

Gamestop (US) / EB Games (Canada)

Dragon/Phoenix Mirror Medallion: This exquisitely-crafted physical item is inspired by the iconic Dragon and Phoenix mirrors of the Shenmue series.

Best Buy

Limited Edition Steelbook: This illustrated Steelbook case captures the beauty and elegance of the Shenmue series and features portraits of Shenmue III heroes Ryo and Shenhua.


Kenpogi Training Wear DLC: Original training gear based on actual Chinese Kung Fu wear.