Snake (Cell Phone Game) Is Getting A Sequel From Original Creator

If you grew up through the 90’s you played Snake. The game was on Nokia cell phones (mainly) and revolved around a blocky snake that went around eating dots(fruit). The more dots you ate, the bigger the snake, and the harder and faster the game became. It’s simple, yet fun.

Well over the years we have seen clones, knockoffs, and whatever thanks to the added App stores for smartphone, but later this month we are getting the true sequel!

The original games creator, Taneli Armanto, has teamed up with the studio Rumilus Design to make Snake Rewind.

What is interesting about the game is it’s new perk. You don’t lose when you finally hit something, instead you can “rewind” time and try again. It looks like you do this by earning enough points from eating the fruit and then using those points to “rewind.” It’s Free-to-play so you know there will be some aspect that makes you want to fork out some money, but it looks cool still.

The game consists of 10 levels, power ups, and even online leaderboards. It will release May 14th for IOS, Android, and Windows phones.