SonicFox Wins EVO DBFighterz Championship, Cooler Officially Revealed

Dragon Ball FighterZ has been a huge hit at EVO 2018 and probably had some of the best matches I have seen in some time. Not only was it the first time the game was at EVO, but the Dragon Ball Fighterz Grand Final was won by the man himself, SonicFox! SonicFox faced off against GO1CHI and man was it an amzing match!



As you can see, it was a great match by both competitors and we have to give a big round of applause to SonicFox for grabbing that win and the championship! Now, getting in to the trailer, we see Base Goku and Base Vegeta showing of a ton of classic Dragon Ball powers and dialogue. Im kinda excited to see how the play on the full release, but stil disappointed we didnt get two characters that are not on the roaster. 

At the end of the trailer we see Cooler is finally coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ! This was leaked out a few months ago and with this getting revealed that means Andriod 17 is right around the corner. Cooler is looking to be a pretty good character, but now its time to start getting hype for Season 2.



It was leaked along with the full roster of Season 1 that we will be getting Tapion and Gogeta, Muten Roshi and Videl w/ Great Saiyaman, Raditz and Zarbon, Cabba and Kale w/ Caulifla. If this is true I am really excited for Season 2, probably more so then Season 1! For more news on this title please check back here at Cinelinx!