Sony Announces New Handheld (Kinda, Not Really)

Sony announced a new handheld (ish) device to let you play PS5 on…the living room couch?

During Sony’s PlayStation Showcase they held a small surprise for the end which was a new handheld device that streams PS5 games to your lap. The device is basically a small screen with a PS5 controller split down the middle to attach on both sides. The device includes an 8-inch center screen and basically a full PS5 controller.

Other than the screen size, no other tech features or specifics have been released. The PlayStation Blog currently has no post regarding Project Q at all. Basically we got the teaser below, and are patiently waiting for more information.

Sadly this isn’t the big return to handhelds like we hoped.

Instead the device simply streams games from your PS5 and doesn’t run anything natively. We hope that it does a little more than that, and if it doesn’t hopefully the price isn’t too steep. For those that were hoping for some hybrid Nintendo Switch like device, sorry.

It’s unclear if the device will stream games anywhere, or if it needs to be within the same wifi network as the PS5. We will have all the latest details as soon as Sony releases them, so stick around!

Sony also revealed the new PlayStation Earbuds, which we rumored a while back. But like the new handheld there are no current details on what exactly they offer.


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