Sony Announces Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle

Sony has announced a new Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle that will cost $400 and release alongside the game in April.

The console comes with a new paint job that consists of a “gray blue” Drake imprinted on the console. The controller also matches in tone, and a latin phrase “Sic parvis magna” (“greatness from small beginnings”) is imprinted on the console as well. The phrase is the same phrase Drake has printed on his ring within the game.

The bundle of course comes with the game as well, but that isn’t all. People that pre-order get some multiplayer skins (including one of Drake from the original game) and some points to spend, along with some golden weapons.

Those that don’t need a new console can also pick up the “gray blue” controller seperately. A special Gold Wireless headset (Sony’s own gaming headset) will also get the same treatment, but the phrase will also be imprinted on the headset in a gold finish. Users with a Gold Wireless Headset will also get a “special Uncharted specific mode” through the headsets companion app when the game releases.