Sony Delays PlayStation 5 Showcase

While Sony was finally set to fully reveal the PlayStation 5, and some upcoming next-gen games, this week, they’ve announced a postponement.

Things are….not great right now. As such, many were looking forward to Sony’s upcoming PS5 showcase. I know I was. In light off all that’s happening right now, however, Sony has made the right call here in delaying the digital event. Here’s their statement:

As protests continue around the country in response to decades of horrible injustices (spurred by the senseless murder of George Floyd), this feels like absolutely the right call. We’ve waited this long and we can wait a little bit longer. I don’t think the delay will be all that long, but at the moment we need to be united over something other than gaming.

We’ll have time to play together and enjoy the “normalcy” of bonding over new game footage. We need to ensure that our friends and fellow gamers in the Black community are heard right now.