Sony Announces Days Gone Release Date!

Today, PlayStation and Bend Studios have officially announced the release date of Days Gone. The highly-anticipated, post-apocalyptic zombie title has been set to release on February 22nd of 2019 for the PlayStation 4. PlayStation has been getting a head start on E3 for the past few days with their Countdown to E3 2018 live streams.

Just the fact that they care enough about their consumer base to make huge announcements like this one before the event even starts is awesome! In the trailer we see more than just the infected, we also see new enemies called CriersCriers are animals in the world that are infected with the same disease that the zombie hordes have. From what it shows in the trailer, these will definitely be a difficult foe to face in the world of days gone.

We also see Deacon running out of gas while on his motorcycle. This will definitely be something that will affect your strategizing in the game. We also got a great gameplay trailer alongside the release date. We here at Cinelinx are definitely excited to see more of this at E3 2018. For more news on E3 and Days Gone check back here at Cinelinx!