Sony Is Hosting New York PS4 Pro Launch Event

Sony announced they are hosting a New York City launch event for the PS4 Pro. The event will be held at Sony Square (25 Madison Ave) on November 9th.

According to the PlayStation Blog the event will have food, beverages, sweepstakes entries, prizes, and even games to play. The games include not only demo kiosks but live “escape” style games to participate in that have themes based on Sony Television properties such as SPT, The Blacklist, and Timeless.

There will also be trivia challenges that will allow fans to win prizes based on PlayStation product. Other entries include an all expense paid trip to Anaheim in December to attend the PlayStation Event.

Other prizes include PS VR headsets and one 20th Anniversary PS4 unit. You know the grey one that looks beautiful, just like the original PS1? Yeah, that’s a prize.

Sony does note the entire event will be credit card only, so keep that in mind before buying your plane tickets.