Sony Offers First Look at PlayStation 5 Cases

Today, Sony has revealed the box art for Spider-Man: Miles Morales, simultaneously giving gamers a glimpse of how the PlayStation 5 games will look.

The next-generation of gaming always brings changes, including to how the physical boxes/cases look! While it’s a silly, small detail, it’s always something gamers are on the look out for. As a person who enjoys their physical media, I’m always interested in how it’s going to look on the shelf.

Today, brings our first look at the next-gen boxes (at least the PlayStation 5). While it’s not a vast departure from the PS4 cases, we get a swanky look at the box art for the upcoming Miles Morales game:

I’m enjoying the white background as opposed to the blue one from the PS4. It also looks like the general size of the cases will remain the same, so they should look just fine on the shelf next to all your other games.

We’ve seen the console and the cases, now we just sit back and wait on the price and release date!

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