Sony Opens Mobile Game Developer In Japan

The new company is called ForwardWorks Corporation and the first day that doors will open will be on April 1st. Granted this isn’t a joke unless Sony themselves feel like playing games, since you can read the official release here.

There are no further details on what exact plans the studio will be doing, but Sony mentions they will be “leveraging” PlayStation IP’s for “smart devices.” The company is also releasing the mobile games exclusively in Japan and Asia, but there is a chance the titles will head elsewhere in the future.

The games will hit both iOS and Android devices.

Andrew House is part of the board for the new company, and $89k has been invested to open the company up.

April 1st seems like a big day for Sony as SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) will also be changing their name to Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE).

Honestly the new adventure is of no surprise considering Sony has been trying to keep Nintendo at bay over several things as of late. Nintendo announced they were working on mobile titles and recently released Miitomo, which was a massive success for them. After seeing that Sony probably felt it was worth the risk to throw some of their IP’s into the mobile world too. The odd thing to me is that they are not utilizing this to help Vita in any way, at least not yet.