Sony Plans To Stop Used Games

We don’t normally report on every patent that comes up, but this one seems importat. According to a recent patent dug up by Neogaf, Sony will have the ability to block any second hand game from being used.

According to the patent, the disc will have a “Contactless Tag” that will cross check with the console to ensure the player tag and disc tag match up. If it fails to match, the game won’t play. The somewhat nice thing about the patent is that it requires absolutely no online connection, so no worrying about internet outages.

Other than that, there is no plus side. Before you go around chanting “Just buy new games!” look at the bigger picture. It’s tied to one account. More than one system in the house with multiple people? Well each one of you will need to buy the game, unless there will be allowed multiple users. Want to borrow a friends game? Too bad. Want to rent a game? Too bad. Want to watch this technology run on over to Hollywood and effect movies too? Go ahead.

We have had many articles about how used games actually help the market, so of course we are against this idea. We were against the idea when Microsoft and Nintendo brought it up too.