Sony Reveals PlayStation 5 Logo at CES 2020 and Not Much Else

The highly-anticipated Sony CES 2020 Press Conference has concluded, finally announcing…the PlayStation 5 logo with an image of a few vague hardware features…more within…

The eyes of the world descended upon Las Vegas, Nevada, as Sony geared up for their CES 2020 press conference. Sony said that they’d show everyone their “unique vision of the future”. Only, that vision didn’t give much detail to the PlayStation 5.

For weeks, rumors have been rampant that Sony would use this platform to finally debut their highly-anticipated 5th console. Historically, Sony has kept PlayStation out of their annual CES keynote, but that didn’t stop people from musing that this year it would be different. To some degree, those people were right, as Sony did reveal something for the PlayStation 5. It was the logo.

The logo is pretty much what you would guess the logo would be. It matches to what Sony has done in the past, more recently with the PS4. However, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan did acknowledge that more news would be coming soon.

“We look forward to revealing more details, including the content that will showcase the platform and the future of gaming,” 

Later in the press conference, Sony also displayed a graphic of the PlayStation 5 hardware features. Although, some we already knew about and the others they refrained from discussing any further.

The fact is, with the PlayStation 5 scheduled to release in Holiday 2020, Sony has plenty of time to reveal the console, price, and launch titles. Just because Microsoft did their reveal earlier, doesn’t mean that Sony is stressed to do the same. They are keeping the status quo and pushing ahead with their plan of release.

The question that remains is when, though? The obvious place to reveal would be at E3 2020, which Sony has not confirmed they’ll actually be at this year after skipping in 2019. Don’t rule out Sony just hosting their own State of Play to show it either. In 2019, the game company posted several Nintendo Direct-type videos at infrequent times to show off huge AAA titles and release dates.

We’ll keep our ear to the ground and keep all of you posted on any news on the PlayStation 5 and the next generation of consoles.