Sony Should Utilize The TV Market Like Microsoft

Spike TV is that channel that plays crummy shows almost all the time, and blatantly fake reality TV that is supposed to be targeted at males. However during E3 they take a break and actually air some gaming related stuff in different slots which includes the Microsoft conference without a doubt half the time. Heck Spike was even a big part of both the Xbox 360 reveal and the Xbox One reveal. Microsoft and Viacom (which owns Spike) are partners, and this makes the coverage stream less for them.

Now turn your head to their competitor and it isn’t the case. Spike TV seems to throw a hassle towards Sony all the time with coverage. They talk about big gaming coverage, but during E3 a huge focus is spent on third parties, or Microsoft products. The only time Sony really ever has a presence at Spike gaming coverage events is during the Game of the Year Awards. Other than that the same excuse of “a deal couldn’t be reached,” comes about every year.

So what is the issue? It could be any number of things. The first that comes to mind is the obvious partnership Microsoft has had with Viacom. Several deals have been made, and they have a history of working together several times. Microsoft could be cutting a deal, while Sony is more paying for their slots.  Similar to Microsoft owning MSN, and working with its partners to cover Microsoft products.

However it could also be Sony’s own fault as well. For starters, Microsoft’s conference is early in the morning. “Guys,” or the crowd Spike targets, isn’t exactly awake and watching anything during this time. So the slot is a bit cheaper, if it costs Microsoft at all. Sony’s conference on the other hand is during “prime time” where the slots are actually taking up commercial space. Perhaps Sony isn’t willing to pay for this when they get plenty of coverage through live streams. Several of them become so over loaded that they end up crashing or becoming delayed, so the ratings are there.

The question is, should Sony take up the same TV market and utilize it to spread the word on PlayStation? If you don’t know, Sony actually owns a rather successful TV branch. Breaking Bad, Siegnfield, and all kinds of amazing shows were all produced by Sony. They don’t own their own channel, but they do a lot of business with TV companies to get these on there. With such great shows, you would think Sony has a little bit of power right?

TBS and other stations are rather close to Sony Studios and are good partners with them. Perhaps if Sony could get their conference, or gaming coverage, on a better channel than Spike then the word will spread faster. People can then set their DVRs, watch re-runs,  and see more things about PlayStation. However with an ever evolving world, the internet seems to be the go to place any ways. So do you think it would be worth it for Sony to start utilizing TV cover their products?