Sony Unveils Stylish God of War 4 Console

The Console design itself (featured) shows a rather artful representation of our Norse axe we will be hopefully rampaging through scores of mythological enemies, while the controller itself with Norse runes sports the God of war Logo on the touchpad. 

PS4Pro GodofWar 03

The head of Sony Santa Monica, Shannon Studstill, explains.

“When we designed Kratos’ new Leviathan Axe, we knew it would have far more meaning not only to the game, but to our fans. Santa Monica Studio was extremely proud to adorn the custom PS4 Pro with the Leviathan Axe in such detailed fashion. We spent a painstaking amount of time to ensure this PS4 Pro was special, for the special fans who will cherish it. The top surface is the Axe skill tree you’ll use in-game to upgrade your axe, along with the runic gem slots on the handle that enable unique special attacks. The side panels are trimmed with a beautiful Norse design, and the runes each represent a realm in the game. The Leviathan Gray DualShock 4 wireless controller has the Huldra Brothers brand on it (just like the Axe), and a very subtle God of War logo on the touchpad.”

God of War 4 will Support 2160p Checkerboarding and Supersampling for 1080p owners, as well as HDR across all PS4s.

It will become available alongside the game at the price tag of $400 on April 20th 

As someone that has been a fan of the Playstations for years but switched to PC‘s due to reasons, I have been hurting for a reason to grab a new console.  With the features, the look, and having been a fan of God of War for ages, it may be time to pick one up and join Kratos for a bloody and satisfiing revenge quest.