Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Broadcast

This morning, Square Enix announced they’ll be hosting a special broadcast next week all about Final Fantasy VII for its 25th Anniversary!

Well this is a pleasant surprise! Looks like Final Fantasy fans have something to look forward to next week (Thursday, June 16th to be exact) as a special Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary broadcast has been announced. Now, they haven’t said what exactly we’ll be seeing, but Tetsuya Nomura had this to say about it:

“We will be streaming “FINAL FANTASY VII 25th Anniversary Celebration”. At only around 10 minutes long, it will be short and sweet, but we have packed in lots of information, so I hope everyone can look forward to the unveiling.”

Ten minutes isn’t long, but the wording of “unveiling” sure has gamers excited. Maybe this means we’ll FINALLY get an update on Final Fantasy VII Remake – Part 2! Either way, mark those calendars for June 16th, 3PM PT |6PM ET.

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