Square Enix Announces Next Final Fantasy XIV Expansion, Stormblood

Over the weekend, Square Enix held its Fan Festival in Las Vegas.  During the festival, they unveiled the latest expansion to the ever expanding Final Fantasy XIV MMO, Stormblood.  Stormblood follows the previous expansion, Heavensward, and marks the end of PS3 support.  Square Enix has set up a free upgrade service so players can seamlessly transition to the PS4.

As for Stormblood, the DLC will include new jobs; an increased level cap up to level 70; sprawling new areas to explore; a revamped battle system; and all-new dungeons, raids, and alliance battle content.

Outside of this description and the trailer which shows “The Warrior of Light” facing off against a woman in red, atop a stone carving inside a gorgeous oasis, that’s about all we know.  We’ll know more soon as Square Enix continues their Fan Festival tours with Tokyo on December 24-25 and Frankfurt for the European Fan Festival on February 18-19, 2017.

There’s a good chance we’ll see more trailers in true Final Fantasy/Square Enix form, like the one provided.

Stormblood is set to release Early Summer 2017!

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