Square Enix Hopes to Announce New Final Fantasy VII Remake – Part II Details This Year…Maybe

Our first look at the next chapter in Final Fantasy VII Remake might finally come at some point this year. Keep that hope alive.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting any update on the continuation of Final Fantasy VII‘s remake, pretty much since the Remake finally launched. With 2022 marking the game’s 25th anniversary, it looks like we’ll get some info at some point.

At least, that’s according to series’ producer Yoshinori Kitase. During Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Official Live Stream #1: Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Celebration, Kitase told fans, “as for the Final Fantasy VII Remake news you’ve been waiting on, I think I’ll be able to share more this year… maybe…

I mean, it’s certainly more than we’ve had to go on for a while, but Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura joked that Kitase should be a little more clear. To which Kitase replied, “Alright then, now that the 25th anniversary has begun, I’d like to get the Final Fantasy VII excitement going with everyone over the next year, and so I hope to share more news this year, so please look forward to it.

So, it’s still not a sure thing. With the game’s anniversary going down, and promises of new overall Final Fantasy VII content to come, I would say the chances of the reveal/announcement happening this year are pretty high. Let’s just hope we won’t be waiting too long!

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