Square Enix Releases A New Final Fantasy XV Trailer and Day 1 Update

If you’re like many of us who don’t live in Peru, Saudi Arabia, or random parts in Europe, you still are a week away from playing the long-awaited Square Enix title, Final Fantasy XV.  If you are in the countries previously mentioned, then you’ve likely asked the game store to sell you it and you’re already playing it.  Spoilers will likely be following shortly. 

For the rest of us, Square Enix has released yet another trailer in an attempt to get us back into the FFXV mindset.  It’s a launch trailer that goes into the ins and outs of what the 15th incarnation of the Final Fantasy series has to offer.  This trailer is also one of several Square Enix has released for the habitually late game.

If you’re like me, you may have become a bit de-sensitized to another FFXV trailer.  Bear in mind, though, that this is a good trailer for those who haven’t yet watch the thousands of other videos SE has been unveiling.  It helps gamers to understand just how massive and powerful this game will be.

The more newsworthy bit from today’s PR is the release of the Free “Crown Update” for FFXV, which includes a lot of interesting and important add-ons.

  • Improvements to the camera with new options to better assist and track the action in tight space and to improve visibility during battles
  • New event scenes and scenes from KINGSGLAIVE: FINAL FANTASY XV™ and the “Omen” trailer have also been added to the game to make the story and timeline of events easier to follow for newcomers
  • The addition of an ability tree for the “Wait Mode” function which improves the strategic element of this feature
  • Players can obtain the “Beast Whistle” which can be used to call monsters to battle
  • A wider variety of recipes and fish with an addition of a gallery for completionist players who enjoy collecting items
  • Implementation of social media support, allowing the photos Prompto takes along your journey to be uploaded to Facebook and Twitter

Probably the most intriguing out of all these updates is the addition of the event scenes.  From Kingsglaive to Omen to Brotherhood, SE has spent a lot of time releasing content for FFXV.  It only makes sense that certain parts from those movies be featured in the actual game itself.  Otherwise, it could’ve been misconstrued as being an opportunity wasted.  Plus, it gives audiences who haven’t watched anything a chance to still understand the game’s vast backstory.

Finally, as I mentioned before about certain countries releasing the game early, FFXV Director Hajime Tabata has this to say,

“The November 29th release date is approaching and I sincerely hope everyone enjoys this game with a fresh state of mind. Unfortunately, there has been an unauthorized distribution of the boxed edition of FINAL FANTASY XV in select regions and we have noticed that gameplay footage from people playing these copies has appeared online. Though this type of situation is brought on by various region specific circumstances and may not be something that is completely avoidable, we are very regretful of this situation.

One of the major goals of FINAL FANTASY XV is for everyone to enjoy the story and to discover the surprises together through the simultaneous worldwide release. Due to these recent events, videos with unexpected spoilers could potentially be posted online, so we would like to warn everyone who has been waiting in anticipation for this game.

We will also do everything in our capacity to prevent unauthorized footage from appearing online. We would also like to ask anybody that has obtained an early copy of the game to be respectful to those that are looking forward to the official release and to not spoil the surprises for everyone.

A large and dedicated team have worked extremely hard to make this game and to create a FINAL FANTASY that everyone can enjoy. It would be a huge regret for us if the excitement of the launch was to be spoiled for so many when we are so close to release. 

Your understanding and cooperation would be much appreciated so we can celebrate the best possible release together.”

Final Fantasy XV finally arrives next week on November 29, 2016!