Star Fox Zero Adds New Routes, Levels, and A Mini-Game

The highly anticipated Nintendo game Star Fox Zero was, arguably, the biggest title talked about during the Nintendo Direct.  While they didn’t announce anything shocking, the new features they talked about are pretty cool, especially if you’ve played the entire series.

So far, we haven’t seen many different areas in Star Fox Zero.  However, that all changed when Nintendo announced that there would be portals placed throughout different levels.  These portals are said to be integral in the gameplay as they take you to cool new places like the one pictured below.

unnamed 5

This new world is filled with new bio-weapons, programmed to make your flight rough.

Along with this news, they also announced that each level in Star Fox Zero will feature alternate routes that will open up the game to new and more powerful bosses.  Anyone who played Star Fox 64 should remember doing this, after they beat the game.  Nintendo is bringing it back and that’s something we’re thrilled about.

Furthermore, keep your Fox amiibo handy, because when you click it on the Wii U controller, it’ll allow gamers to be able to use the original Star Fox ship, along with its weapons!  How cool is that?!

Lastly, they talked about a new mini-game called Star Fox Guard.  In this game, you utilize 12 cameras placed within Slippy’s Uncle Grippy’s compound.  These 12 cameras will trigger weapons to keep out pesky intruders and help Uncle Grippy collect new metals!

For more details you can read the full presser below!

  • Star Fox Zero: Fox McCloud returns in an action-packed new adventure. Multiple paths branch out to give players plenty of places to explore, and each route gives them a completely different experience, with each battle posing its own set of unique challenges. Players will notice their skills get better and better over time, as they become top-notch pilots. In two-player mode, one player can fly the Arwing while the other player aims and shoots. The game launches April 22. The packaged version comes with a Star Fox Guard game disc at a suggested retail price of $59.99 while the digital version of the game can be purchased by itself from Nintendo eShop for $49.99.
  • Star Fox Guard: Players set up 12 cameras to find and defeat enemies who are attacking the mining site of Slippy Toad’s uncle, Grippy Toad. The game includes about 100 stages, but players can also create their own stages by editing the placement of enemies and uploading their levels online. The only way to get the physical version of Star Fox Guard is by purchasing the packaged version of Star Fox Zero. The game can also be purchased by itself from Nintendo eShop for $14.99. Customers that purchase the digital version of either Star Fox Zero or Star Fox Guard will receive a $4.99 Nintendo eShop discount toward the other game.

Star Fox Zero hits the Wii U on April 22, 2016!

How cool is this news?  Will you be playing Star Fox Zero or Guard?