Star Wars Battle Pod Coming to Your Home…For The Right Price

The Star Wars Battle Pods are really cool, and if you’ve seen them at your local arcades, you’ve got to try it out.  It’s a very immersive fighting game, making you feel like you’re flying these iconic ships through various missions.  But if heading to the arcades aren’t your thing, then you’re in luck, as Bandai has now revealed home versions of the game for you to enjoy.  If you’ve got $35,000 lying around, then you can order your very own Battle Pod starting June 18th.  

Star Wars Battle Pod Darth Vader Edtion

Star Wars Battle Pod Rebels Edtion

But that’s not all!  Say you don’t want the “basic” Battle Pod, and want something to show off your true devotion to Star Wars gaming.  Bandai’s got you covered again with these Premium editions that come in Rebel Alliance or Darth Vader designs with genuine leather seats that move and respond to the action of the game.  Better yet, you can get your name in the game’s credits!  This swanky version will cost you $100,000, but hey, if you’ve got it and love Star Wars, I don’t see any reason to pass it up!

Order details on any of the home versions haven’t been announced yet, but stay tuned to the official Battle Pod site for updates.