Star Wars Battlefront: Fight the Battle of Jakku for Free In December

While it’s been made clear that the upcoming Star Wars movies wouldn’t have any direct video game tie-ins, that doesn’t mean they won’t have connections.  Today, we learned more about Star Wars Battlefront and that it takes place during the time of the original trilogy.  One of the exciting things revealed during this morning’s panel (besides the trailer), was that face that Jakku, the new desert planet in The Force Awakens, would be one of the planets featured in the game…through DLC. 

Don’t let that worry you, however, as EA is giving away the DLC for free to all players who own a copy of the game by December 8th.  If you want to play through the Battle of Jakku BEFORE that, you can pre-order the game and get your hands on it (figuratively speaking) one week earlier on December 1st.  

To be entirely honest, DLC for maps and such has never been all the exciting to me.  But in this case, I’m very intrigued.  As we saw from the new Star Wars trailer, the planet Jakku is littered with wreckage from crashed starships of all sizes, including some Star Destroyers.  The Battlefront DLC will allow players to fight the battle which CAUSES all of that wreckage we see in the film.  It’s a great way to connect the game and the movie together despite being so many years apart on the canon timeline.  Besides which, the idea that I can play something and see the “effects” of the carnage in the movie, is just kinda neat.  

Star Wars Battlefront hits the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 17th, with the DLC hitting in December.  Will you be picking it up or pre-ordering it?