Star Wars: Jedi Knight II and Academy Coming to PS4 and Switch

During Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, Aspyr announced it would be bringing two of the most successful Star War title back to life. First, Star Wars: Jedi Knight II will be releasing for PS4 and Switch on September 24th. I’m pretty sure when this was announced, most fans (including myself) we’re crying tears of joy, but that’s not all.

 Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy will also be releasing on both consoles in quarter 1 of 2020, and yes, the game will launch with its iconic multiplayer battles mode! When Jedi Knight II released back in 2002, I remember staying up all night on our pc and feeling like I was watching a Star Wars Movie play out in front of me. This game series not only took fans by storm, it pushed the envelop of what we as fans wanted from Star Wars titles.

Now, this will not be a fully Remastered games, it will be a HD Re-Release. The game will also come with Gyro support for Aiming on the Nintendo Switch. I’m pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say we can wait to play these amazing title all over again once the release! Please check back here soon for the latest geek, movie, and gaming news!