Starting Today Crimson Days Returns to Destiny 2

While fans have been understandably fatigued by Activision and Bungie‘s prolonged shooter, Destiny 2, now is the time to show some love with Crimson Days!  Contrary to Valentine’s Day, Crimson Days isn’t pigeonheld to chocolates, flowers, and dates for one night.  Instead, Crimson Days lasts for 7 crazy days and gives us the gift of something much more valuable, loot.

Crimson Days will include 2v2 Crucible matches so you and your significant other or the one you have the biggest bromance with can throwdown against other couples for Crucible domination.  Plus, Bungie is introducing a brand-new map that is very similar to one of the maps on Mercury in Destiny 1.

Crimson Days has begun on Destiny 2 and will continue until February 20, 2018!

By the way, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, guys.  We know, it snuck up on us too…