“Stop Defending Video Games, Your Have No Credibility,” Lawmaker Says

Yes, Senator Leland Yee (California) has stated that, ” Gamers have got to just quiet down[…] Gamers have no credibility in this argument. This is all about their lust for violence and the industry’s lust for money. This is a billion-dollar industry. This is about their self-interest.”

Read that quote again, let is seep in, and realize how he is completely wrong. A guy that represents the people wants to invade on a groups rights, and while failing to do so properly he tells the group he is attacking to “quiet down.” How does that make sense? It angered me, and I normally stay away from political topics on video games.

The NRA blamed us for violence, politicians constantly blame us for violence, Fox and CNN will make up any story about us, its all annoying. However when you tell us to “quiet down” I will gladly go to our fans and readers and tell them to STAND UP for their rights. We will not quiet down, if you were ever correct in anything you said then we would stand by you. However you are not. You use us as a scapegoat, get proven wrong all the time, and your latest effort was shut down by the supreme court with no issue at all. Get over it, and take the fight to the source. Stop blaming the gamers! There are millions of us that frown upon the idiots that kill.

Its people like Leland Yee that make criminals famous and play the blame game so nothing gets done. Grow up, come up with a logicial solution, stop blaming, and represent the people. You blaming video games is doing nothing but giving people an excuse to kill. “GTA made me do it, do I get a slap on the wrist now?”

Now fellow gamers, are you going to “quiet down” or are you going to give him a piece of your mind too? A quick little search and I found this, a petition to remove him from office. This will keep us pretty silent…..