Storm Isle Productions Still Hard at Work

In case you didn’t catch my original article, Disciples of the Storm is an RTS based on the game Netstorm: Islands at War.

I have kept in touch with Nathan via text and Facebook Messenger, and even played a little of the original beta of Netstorm II his team was working on originally and I am liking the newer enhancements as they started from scratch using the Unity game engine.

Most of the images he has sent me are now on their Facebook page and at least one thing he has sent me that he has requested I not share yet as they are still too early in the concept phase. I will respect his wishes and only show you what he has already released even though I personally think he should show off the new concept to peak more interest even if they are still tweaking the design.

Most of the images are of the beautiful Wind Temple and lighting effects and the last two are of the priest design and a scale comparison of the priest next to the Wind Temple.

Note: Nathan has advised that there are several cloths designs in the works for the priest and the priest is currently being animated and will appear in a coming promo video.

If you like what you see and you like RTS games check out the Disciples of the Storm Steam page and help them get a green light.


I will continue to keep I touch with Nathan as things progress and print you more articles as new images are released to the masses. Until then, as The Fathergamer would say “Achieve Greatness”.