Stream Shows, Browse the Web with Google Chrome on Atari VCS

Atari VCS Companion App to release on Apple App, Google Play stores

Atari announced today the PC-console hybrid Atari VCS will have Google Chrome built into the system to enable streaming services, browse the web and utilize browser-based services like Google Workspace.

“Chrome on the Atari VCS takes full advantage of the streaming capabilities of the system’s AMD Ryzen R1606G CPU. This allows Atari VCS users to access an almost limitless array of streaming services and web-based productivity options,” developers said. “The Atari VCS Storefront will ship with free downloadable bookmarks for dozens of popular streaming services. Once a user selects and installs a favorite app’s bookmark and logs into their account they will be able to access the streaming service from a tile on their home screen.”

Devlopers also announced that a companion mobile app for the Atari VCS has released on Apple App and Google Play stores, giving users a virtual mouse and keyboard for navigating Chrome and other apps.

“The Atari VCS Companion app provides an easy to use mobile alternative to using a traditional mouse and keyboard while sitting in front of the television,” said Michael Arzt, Chief Operations Officer of Atari VCS and Connected Devices. “Combined with the power and versatility of Chrome, the Atari VCS Companion makes browser-based entertainment, social media, shopping, and productivity tools incredibly easy to use, and gives users easy-access to the majority of PC tasks they’d need, without leaving the Atari VCS dashboard.”

According to a press release, Atari is in the process of shipping the first 10,000 units to Indiegogo backers and early adopters will have the chance to snag a system through retail in early 2021.

“Chrome significantly expands Atari VCS‘ already highly flexible entertainment environment — which blends the best of gaming and multimedia PCs and consoles without many of the proprietary restrictions — while adding a nearly limitless amount of versatility and powerful web services,” developers said.