Super Mario Run to Release this December

So it was announced back in September that Nintendo would be bringing a side scrolling auto runner to mobile devices at Apple’s annual iPhone event.  Well the release date is now set for December 15th 2016 for IOS and at a later date for Android. This makes the second release of the five planned games coming for mobile devices. Player will have to navigate Mario through levels by jumping over obstacles and of course collecting coins along the way. The longer you hold the screen the longer Mario jumps.  Pretty standard stuff but there will also be other play modes including Toad Rally that’s going to be more of a time attack style of play. Collecting coins will also allow you to create and customize your own Mushroom Kingdom.

The game was created by the same team that developed New Super Mario Bros. with their Unity engine and will boast the same level of graphics. As you can see from the video it’s a simple fun that honestly looks pretty good in my opinion. Now the game will be free to play with in app purchases or $10.00 dollars opens up the entire game.  Look for the game to release December 15th 2016 and for Android users to have to wait till they throw us a damn bone! Okay that last part was more venom than it should have been.

-Jason The X


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