SuperMash Comes to Nintendo Switch Next Year, Available Now on PC

Every wondered what it’d be like to play a fighting game in the style of a turn-based RPG? Well, you’ll get your chance (plus way more) with SuperMash. 

One of the neatest games revealed during Nintendo’s Indie presentation is SuperMash. The title allows you to “mash” together two different gaming genres (RPG, Platformer, Shoot ’em up, etc) and play the result. So you can take your turn-based style RPG hero into a side-scrolling shooter and all other manner of combinations:

You’ll get six genres to choose from (though there’s always the chance they’ll add more down the road with DLC): Stealth, Shooter, JRPG, Metroidvania, Platformer, and Action-Adventure. Even better, as you play the various mash-ups you’ll be given “Dev Cards” that will allow you to further tweak the games you create and alter how you play.

This looks like a ridiculous amount of fun and I’m eager to see how some of these combinations turn out (surely not all of them will be good). The good news, however, is you don’t have to wait to play the game as it’s available now via the Epic Games Store on PC. If you want to hold off so you can play on your Switch, you’ll have to wait until May 2020.