SuperMash is Heading to Steam

Digital Continue announced today that SuperMash, a game about making games, is headed to Steam on January 13.

“This title explores the storyline of a video game store clerk who comes across a magical console that can randomly generate two video game genres, known as “Mashes,” to create an endless number of unexpected genre hybrids,” developers said. “In addition to blending genres, each new game creation comes with mechanics known as “glitches” that create unpredictable scenarios for players to hurdle. Players also control certain elements of what they play by applying Dev Cards, which represent various characters, enemies, environments, and more.”

SuperMash gives players the chance to run a video game shop stocked with retro game hybrids. Players will mash together six unique 2D game genres that include Metroidvania, shoot ’em up, stealth, platformer, JRPG and action adventure.

SuperMash is already available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Epic Games Store.