Sword of the Sea Announced, Look’s to be Spiritual Successor of Journey

We saw some graphically stellar games at the 2023 PlayStation Showcase, but Sword of the Sea is looking you put you in a deep state of meditation, relaxation, and skating heaven? For fans of thatGameCompany, you know as well as I do how much this game looks like the 2012 title Journey. Though the game is being made by Giant Squid, the same artist being being used for this game and it for sure feels like a spiritual successor of the game! No release date has been announced for the game as of yet, but until then you can check out the trailer and game information below!

Game information: 

Sword of the Sea is our most ambitious game to date. Taking place in an abandoned realm where the terrain flows in constant waves, Sword of the Sea features a brand-new movement mechanic: the Hoversword. The Hoversword controls like a snowboard, skateboard, and hoverboard all in one. Build momentum to achieve great speeds and catch big air as you explore skatepark-like ruins, lost in the tides of the Necropolis of the Gods. The Hoversword embodies the feel of snowboarding and skating games, but in an entirely new context of adventure.

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