System Shock: Enhanced Gets a Fancy Collector’s Edition

To help celebrate the iconic shooter’s 25th anniversary, Limited Run Games is launching a special collector’s edition of System Shock for fans to pick up.

While you have likely been playing Nightdive’s Enhanced Version of System Shock for some time now, you’ll soon have the chance to get a swanky collector’s edition to commemorate the game’s 25th Anniversary.

The new set comes from Limited Run Games and is available for pre-order starting right now and will run throughout the month of October. So even if you can’t snag it just yet, you’ve got a slightly bigger window of time to pick it up.

This box includes the following:

USB floppy diskette featuring the following contents:

DRM-Free System Shock Enhanced Edition game

Remastered soundtrack

Never before seen goodies

Smiley face enamel pin

Metal mutant miniature

4 stickers


Shodan (foil)

Trioptimum Logo

Smiley face

Printed user manual

Beautiful individually numbered multi-level embossed foil box

Will you be picking this one up?