Take a Closer Look at the PS4’s New User Interface

To be honest, the new social features is one of the main things I’m most interested in seeing on the PS4, which is odd considering I’ve never been a big social network user myself.  I’m intrigued, however, by how Sony wants to make the gamer community more tight-knit and try and recapture the feeling of playing games with your friends as if they were in the same room. 

All of these screens look like the exact same ones shown during Sony’s event, but since they were only up on display for a little bit, it’s nice to get the chance to take a nice long look at them.  On top of that it also shows how it might look when you’re checking it out on your phone or tablet.  Enjoy:

PS4 1

PS4 2

PS4 3

PS4 4

PS4 5

PS4 6

What do you guys think so far?