Take Down a Convoy in Stunning RAGE 2 Gameplay Footage

RAGE 2 had an impressive debut during this year’s E3, and our hands-on time with it in June remains one of our favorite gaming experiences from the event. This weekend brings about QuakeCon here in our own backyard, Dallas, and Bethesda’s keynote address today brought eager gamers seven and a half minutes of high-octane carnage from the title. 

If you missed out on the livestream, or just want to see it again, you can check it out right here: 

The combination of id Softwares’ first person shooter mechanics and the open world mayhem of Avalanche Studios is looking ridiculously impressive. I’m not a huge fan of shooters, or really big open world games, but seeing RAGE 2 in action has me eager to get my hands on this title. 

Sadly, QuakeCon didn’t give us a release date on the game (which is expected to launch in Spring 2019), but it’s good to know that it still looks impressive. What do you guys think of the new RAGE 2 gameplay footage? 


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