Telltale is Developing Stranger Things Game as Part of Bigger Netflix Partnership

While the big conferences are over, E3 is still in full swing and announcements are still happening. One of them is an announcement from Netflix/Telltale games. Earlier, the announcement came that the two companies were working together for Netflix to host a 5-episode interactive series for their service based on Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode.

The series would play out much like their Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale show, where viewers can watch along and make specific choices to see what happens next (like a choose your own adventure book). As such, working with Telltale seems like a pretty obvious choice, though Netflix assures is has no plans to get into the gaming business. 

More importantly, however, on the heels of this news Telltale announced they’re developing a new game series based on Stranger Things that they’ll be bringing to consoles/PCs on a later date! The scoop was originally reported by TechRadar, and confirmed just a little bit ago by Telltale. Sadly, that’s all the info we have right now, but considering the storytelling opportunities in the Stranger Things world, I’m definitely eager to see more.