Tempest Rising Is a Classic RTS, Wrapped in Alternate History

Among the slew of new games revealed during the THQ Nordic showcase this afternoon is Tempest Rising, a new RTS with a classic feel to it.

Old-school, base building style real-time strategy game?! Say less, I’m all in. Seriously though, I’m very much on board for Tempest Rising, which combines my love of classic RTS games with an alternate history/sci-fi setting that seems like a lot of fun:

Yeah, you can go ahead and sign me up for all of this. I mean, some of the elements feel pulled straight out of the old Command & Conquer franchise and I’m eager to see if they manage to pull it off. Definitely some fun vibes here, and I can already feel the hours being suck out of my life.

After the Cuban Missile Crisis escalated in 1997, a nuclear World War 3 ensured. All former superpowers were quickly brought to their knees in humanity’s shortest and most devastating conflict yet. The fuel for this war is a new, powerful substance, that can be used as a source of energy – Tempest.


Three distinct factions are in a desperate struggle for power and resources and it’s up to you which faction you choose. The return of the Golden Era of RTS is dawning.

Tempest Rising, developed by Slipgate Ironworks and THQ Nordic, is set to launch on PCs.

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