Terry Bogard Joins Smash Bros. Ultimate, Banjo & Kazooie Available Now & More DLC to Come

Today’s Nintendo Direct was chalk-full of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate goodness! Included was the announcement of Terry Bogard, the release date of Banjo & Kazooie (Today!), and news that more characters are on the way! See it all within…

A new fighter has joined Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! After rumors have swirled for months, the Fatal Fury fighter, Terry Bogard has officially been announced for massive mash-up fighter game. Much like with the other DLC announcements, his was SPECTACULAR.

Unfortunately, Nintendo was unable to deliver much gameplay for Terry, but they did show off a brief sneak peek after the Direct ended. Along with that, they announced that he’ll arrive in November of this year.

One character they did spend a lot of time discussing was Banjo & Kazooie. During the Direct, Nintendo revealed that the highly-anticipated character officially joined Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as soon as the Direct ended. Furthermore, Mr. Sakurai hosted a post-Direct video to show off their unique moveset, music, and stage.

The last Super Smash Bros. Ultimate news, Nintendo announced, was that more DLC fighters are on the way. This is a huge deal, as it means we’ll have more characters to speculate about for the coming months, which means even more reveals to freak out over!

What do you think of Terry joining Smash? How is Banjo & Kazooie playing for you so far? Which DLC characters do you want to see? Join in the conversation and let us know!