The Cinelinx Game Launches on Mobile Platforms!

When we launched our Kickstarter for the Cinelinx Card Game back in 2014, we had no idea the reaction we’d get.  Eager movie lovers the world over helped us triple our goal and get our card game on tabletops.  In the years since we’ve launched multiple expansion packs, and been featured at PAX and SXSW… But we knew our fans/supporters were hungry for something more

While gathering around the tabletop for a quick game with friends is always what we intended for Cinelinx, having the ultimate test of movie knowledge at your fingertips means even MORE players can join in the fun.  Over the last year we enlisted Digital Dreams to help bring our card game onto mobile devices.

The basics of the game remain the same; your goal is to make connections between movies, actors, genres, and more in order to score the most points.  On top of testing your knowledge, you’ll also be battling the clock, but the move to mobile enabled us to add some more fun features to the game as well: 

screen01 cinelinx

Single Player Games – Quick games against the computer allows you to hone your skills & strategies.

Mutliplayer Games – Play with movie buffs around the world, or connect directly with your friends to see who’s the movie master.

Chat – Discuss moves with your fellow movie buffs.  

New Gameplay Options – If you’re stuck, Action Reels can get you out of a jam with Swaps, Assists, or Wild Cards.

Expand Your Game – Just like the tabletop version of Cinelinx, more decks are available to purchase within the game.

Achievements and Badges – Earn free mini-decks within the game by playing the best that you can.

Create Accounts via Email of Facebook (to better connect with friends), or Play as much as you want even without a log-in. 

More than simply transporting our beloved card game into a digital format, we wanted to make sure the mobile version had its own unique elements to give even fans who’ve been playing for years something new to enjoy.  

Cinelinx is now available, for free, on iOS and Android devices, so get to making those connections and share your love of movies with everyone!


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