Elder Scrolls is now 25 Years Old, Heartwarming Celebration Trailer Released

The Elder Scrolls is officially 25 years old and man is it hard not to tear up just thinking about how much this game has changed me as a gamer! Today, Bethesda released a heartwarming trailer showing the journey and changes the team, games, and community have gone through over the years. It also shows us one of the reasons I have always been such a huge Bethesda fan, the love the team has for their games.

I can remeber at Pax West 2011 (PaxPrime), we had the amazing oppertunity to sit down with Skyrim for a whole hour. When I got up Jenny (who worked for Bethesda PR) said “What did you think?” and all I could say was “um..amazing..” I had already been a fan of the series, but I think at that point I became at total Bethesda fanboy. The game just honeslty connected with me and my wife so much we made the decision to start going to Quakecon every year, just so we can see our friends and Elder Scrolls family. We also got Skyrim themed wedding rings and Bethesda sent us a cake themed around the title!



With that said, the trailer below will show you the reason why we are and always will be a fans of Bethesda, Elder Scrolls, and the community around the series. We can only hope that this might mean we will see more news on Elder Scrolls 6 at E3 2019…but I promise we will not get over hyped. For more news on all things Bethesda, Elder Scrolls, and more check back here at Cinelinx!