The End of the World is Nigh in the Story Trailer for Horizon: Zero Dawn

Before today, we didn’t have much context as to what Aloy and her allies were facing in Horizon: Zero Dawn.  The previous trailers were mainly environmental, action-based shots just to get an idea of the mechanics and where you’ll be.  In today’s story trailer, Guerilla Games wants you to understand what exactly is going on and how the stakes are much bigger than anticipated.

In the blog where this trailer was initially posted, Guerilla Games highlighted all the people you’ll meet and the mysterious enemy you’ll fight.  However, that really is burying the lead.  What this trailer shows is how these mechanized animals are being infected and who is doing it.  It even gets into what looks to be a war for Meridian, against a destructive force.  Plus, a smidgen of light is shared into who Aloy is.

All in all, this latest story trailer is just the cherry on top of what has been a stellar marketing campaign by GG.  Since it debuted at E3 2015, it’s been one of the hottest games yet to be played and we didn’t even know much about the story.  Now we do and it makes its February release date that much more appealing.

Horizon: Zero Dawn will be exclusively on Playstation 4 and will release February 28, 2017!