The Final ‘Bravely Default II’ Trailer Has Released

Unbelievably, we are just one week away from Square Enix‘s highly-anticipated Bravely Default sequel, Bravely Default II. To prepare for the RPG’s long-awaited return, the publisher revealed a final trailer for the game.

In it, we meet new characters, witness new abilities and combat, explore gorgeous environments, and preview the struggle for the crystals. Take a look.

Bravely Default II looks absolutely captivating. From the scenic environments we’ll explore to the amazing music to the dramatic war for the crystals and the jobs/combat that goes along with that, the whole game just seems like it’s everything Bravely Default fans have been pining for.

Bravely Default II releases on Nintendo Switch February 26, 2021. The Final Demo for the game is available now on Nintendo eShop.