The Hunt Starts This Summer with Monster Hunter Generations

The hunt for monsters is on once again when Monster Hunter Generations lands in North America for the Nintendo 3DS XL on July 15, 2016!  The game isn’t coming alone, though.

Capcom will also be releasing a special edition Monster Hunter Generations themed Nintendo 3DS XL combo pack that will include the game for a suggested retail price of $199.99!

As a gamer who doesn’t own a 3DS but really wants one, I would be all over this Nintendo 3DS XL. I love the way design of the 3DS looks.  Not to mention it’s blue and everything is better when it’s blue.  Plus, add in the fact that it’s for Monster Hunter and you’ve got me sold.

The special edition Monster Hunter Generations Nintendo 3DS XL and game will be available July 15, 2016 at a retailer near you.  Plus you can play a demo this summer to get your first taste of the MHG action!

What do you think about the MHG annoucement?