The Last City Has Fallen in First Destiny 2 Teaser

One of the most highly-anticipated games, Destiny 2, is making good on rumors that it’ll be available this fall.  First, we had concept art leaked and last week the gaming community went into a frenzy over the leaked poster that included a September 8 date.  Perhaps these leaks prompted the Destiny developers to get their marketing in order or, more likely, they intentionally dropped these “leaks” in order to build hype around their upcoming marketing campaign.

So by coincidence or by providence, just as this latest “leak” appears we have the first teaser for Bungie and Activision‘s Destiny 2!  Watch the entertaining teaser below!

Regardless of the leak debate, this teaser is simply fantastic! There are so many things to get into!  First of all, I love the fact that they’ve actually invested in a poorly used character like Cayde-6 (Nathan Fillion).  His comic relief brings levity to an otherwise dreary storyline.  His inclusion in this teaser could be a sign of things to come as Bungie/Activision try to incorporate a complete, fulfilling storyline.  

Next up, the destruction of The Last City and the Cabal being the culprits.  If you’ve scoured Destiny message boards and reddit pages, you’ll find scores of theories that Destiny 2 would have the Cabal as the main enemy.  The reason fans have discerned this is because of an actual mission in the first Destiny that notifies you of a signal going out to Cabal command.  Destiny 1 never really explored this storyline, it’s good to know that Destiny 2 will be based around it.

We’ll learn more information this Thursday, March 30, when the first full-length Destiny 2 trailer arrives!  Keep it here to see it as soon as it drops.

Destiny 2 is rumored to arrive this Fall, potentially September 8, 2017!