The Last Of Us: Left Behind To Be Released Stand Alone

Left Behind was originally part of the season pass, and came included in HD remasters of the game for PS4.You did need the actual game to play the content though. A lot of people requested to get just the story aspect, especially for the remaster, and now you can get your chance.

According to Sony Left Behind will release on May 12th for $10. On PS3 there will be a slight discount on release day for the DLC version.

The prequel to The Last of Us follows Ellie and her friend Riley. They sneak out of their boarding school and journey through an abandoned, post-apocalyptic mall.

Sony notes that most PlayStation owners probably already played it, but this is for those that want to taste the games world for a low fee. With that they are also including a tease of the online portion of the game. If you buy Left Behind stand alone, you will get 2 hours of online play. If you wish to keep playing online you can unlock the multiplayer component for $9.99.

If you would like to buy the entire game, including the rest of the single player, then you will spend $39.99. If you decide to try the multiplayer before buying the whole game you can upgrade from there for $29.99. So basically it all boils down to the same price.

(On PS3, the upgrade options are $10 cheaper at $19.99 and $29.99.)

The Last of Us Remastered on PS4 comes with everything bundled together and is currently $49.99 on PlayStation’s Store.