The Last of Us Part II Stuns With Gorgeous Gameplay Footage

Easily one of the best (THE best for me personally) parts of Sony’s entire E3 presentation this year was at the beginning with a good long look at The Last of Us Part II. Like many, this game has been on my radar for a long time, with the first being one of my all time favorite games ever. As such, this gameplay trailer floored me. 

Much looks familiar in terms of the shooting/scavenging/sneaking about, but the fact we’re playing as Ellie, who’s older but still younger than Joel was in the first game, means we have a bit more physicality in the gameplay. It looks ridiculously gorgeous…I mean, it’s unreal how impressive the gameplay looks here. 

That’s not to mention the little bit of character story we got at the beginning and end. We still don’t know much about the overall story, but it’s nice to see Ellie interacting in a social setting (and getting some smooches!) with a community that doesn’t look as bleak and worn down as the cities in the first game. 

There are still some lingering questions, however. Like, what’s Joel up to, where are the infested enemies, and when the hell do we get to play it? Regardless, The Last of Us Part II is looking absolutely insane in the best ways. What did you think of the new footage?